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Gaurav Industries is a pioneer in providing a complete range of sulfur dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, sulfur dyes from India. The product range includes cotton dyes, sulfur dyes in various colors like black, brown, dark, deep indigo blue, dull brown, colors, khaki, navy and more. Our products cater to the various needs of the sector, which is used for dyeing cellulose fibers, staple fibers and cotton yarns, for the most part.

We have earned a reputation as a reliable supplier to our customers in India and elsewhere. It is possible through our estimated delivery time, cost and customer oriented services. Perhaps our services each time to ensure that you have maintained infrastructure-art technology and a dedicated staff and large market funds.

Supply and manufacture of a wide variety of sulfur dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, nothing to the imagination of a variety of colors.

Our storage facilities are adequate and have extensive logistics and distribution network for a safe delivery, fluid and fast guarantee our products to you. Apart from this, also feed a quality control team that handles the full range of sulfur dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, etc. for defects before final delivery. For discounted quality, creativity and fair that we have developed relationships with customers worldwide.


Our vision is to establish a new paradigm of technological advances that allow us to:
  • To provide good customer service across the globe.
  • To identify good customers and their requirements.
  • We offer a wide range of products and services to our existing and future customers.
  • We are strengthening our resources qualitatively and quantitatively to match international and add the momentum and flexibility of a technologically to meet the growing challengs of the global market place.

Our Mission :-

To be recognized as the provider of superior quality Indian ACID and international direct dyes satisfaction in terms of customer service and product quality, competitive prices.

To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction by regularly checking the quality of the raw materials used in plant and maintain total control over the quality of raw materials from suppliers. Practicing detailed process steps in the quality control procedures for monitoring and maintaining the quality of the work in progress at any time.

Maintaining standardized process parameters through proper training of plant regulators on all shifts. Maintaining customer education standards of finished products approved and actual quality control of shipments against this standard samples.

R&D :-

Improved quality through improved technology and manufacturing processes. Reduce manufacturing costs through process improvement. Conduct exploratory research to develop new product lines and markets. Developing new products and processes that respect the environment.

Technical Services:-

We build relationships with clients as a term and long-term mutually beneficial. Here, the customer comes first. It is the effort of the company to continue to strive for customer satisfaction. Our technical team is ready to provide customers technical requirements and to solve problems and improve the value proposition.

Certificates :-

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About Us

Gaurav Industries is a pioneer in providing a complete range of sulfur dyes, direct dyes, vat dyes, sulfur dyes from India. Read More...